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Luke survived a fatal crash

Probably most people have been in some type of car accident at some point in their life. I’ve been in more than one myself.

None of them were serious, or even involved injuries. These things are common – human drivers make mistakes, and cars just run into each other sometimes.

But the crash we’re talking about today wasn’t a simple fender bender.

Luke and five of his friends were just having a fun, 4th of July vacation. In fact, this episode is being released on July 5, 2019 – the 5-year anniversary of the day of the accident. Everyone in the car that day was seriously injured. Two of them did not survive.

wrecked car

My hope with this episode is that as you hear Luke tell the story of what happened that day, it will serve as a reminder to drive safely and use good judgment. Your passengers are depending on you to do that. What happened to these six young men could easily happen to any of us – all it takes is a brief lapse in judgment or focus.

As a note, going forward I’m probably not going to do any more stories about auto accidents. I do get submissions pretty regularly from people with a car crash story, but if you’re a regular listener to this podcast, you know I have a pretty high standard on what I consider to be an unusual story. Most car crashes aren’t unusual or extreme enough to get on the show. Today’s story is the exception.

Luke's seat belt marks
Luke’s seat belt marks

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