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Dave won $113k on a game show

Our guest for this episode is Dave, and Dave recently found himself $113,000 richer, and he attributes that to some practice, some luck, and a pretty good talent for solving word puzzles.

He won that money by being a contestant on Wheel of Fortune.

Dave on Wheel of Fortune
Dave on Wheel of Fortune – Photo credit: Carol Kaelson

We discussed:

  • How he prepared for the game
  • How he actually got on the show as a contestant
  • The special instructions he was given
  • What Pat Sajak and Vanna White are REALLY like
  • How he’s handling taxes on his winnings
Dave won a new BMW
Dave won a new BMW – Photo credit: Carol Kaelson

And there’s a bonus story toward the end of our conversation about how Dave actually saved someone’s life (unrelated to his game show appearance).

Here’s Dave winning cash, a trip to Barbados, and a new BMW:

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