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Kira was attacked by a serial rapist

What’s the most scared you have ever been?

I’m not talking about being on a crazy roller coaster ride, or watching a scary movie. What we’re talking about on this episode is the kind of fear that just grips you, and controls you, and won’t let you think about anything else.

I asked some of the listeners of this podcast that very question recently, in our private Facebook group. And at the end of this episode, you’ll be able to hear some of their answers – and there’s quite a variety. Turns out being scared can show up in our lives in a lot of different ways.

And our guest today, Kira, has experienced that kind of gut-wrenching fear. She was on a downtown street, alone. It was dark, because it was 3:30 am. She was walking to work, and thought everything was okay.

But she suddenly realized, she was not alone.

These are the videos Kira talked about in our conversation:

Kira walking northbound:

Attacker following her northbound:

Attacker fleeing southbound:

The Under Armour video:

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