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Deneen dodged a derailing train

Trains are a big  part of American culture, because they are really fascinating in so many ways. If you stand next to one, you realize – they are just so BIG.

And they have so much power, to be able to pull all that weight. And wow, are they LOUD. Not just the sound of the engine, and the steel wheels on the track, but that horn – you can hear it even if you’re nowhere near the railroad tracks.

Kids and adults of all ages are fascinated by trains. And they are fun to watch, as they rumble by. Maybe you get a wave from the engineer. It’s great entertainment, as long as everything works like it’s supposed to work.

Deneen and her girls - then and now
Deneen and her girls – then and now

Deneen was with her two little girls one day, at a railroad crossing, watching the train go by just a few feet from the front of their car. Then she realized that something was very wrong, and that train was about to crash.

where it happened
where it happened
the crash
the crash

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