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Category: positive

Brandon was dragged by a horse

Brandon spent 17 years working as an equestrian stuntman. But he didn’t grow up on a farm, and he didn’t spend his youth around horses. Back then, he was more interested in playing hockey.

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Robin drove the Wienermobile

Today, we have a really fun episode that is going to make you smile. My guest today is Robin, and Robin likes to have fun. She’s different.

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Dave won $113k on a game show

Our guest for this episode is Dave, and Dave recently found himself $113,000 richer, and he attributes that to some practice, some luck, and a pretty good talent for solving word puzzles.

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William was on American Idol

We’ve all experienced embarrassment at some point. It’s not something anyone enjoys or wants to go through.

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James spent 35 years in prison

David Tyler lives here in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. David is the person who introduced me to James Bain.

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Matt proposed with a movie trailer

Today is February 14 and in most places around the world that means a special holiday – Valentine’s Day. If you didn’t realize that’s what today is, you might be in a bit of trouble with your special someone by the end of the day.

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