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Kat was given to a cult at 13

I live about 20 minutes from world-famous Clearwater Beach. I do bike around that area sometimes but that’s about the only time I go there, because I’m not much of a beach person. But people come from all over the world to sit in that sand, because that’s one of the things Clearwater is known for.

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Chris lost his hands in a corn picker

There are a lot of things we have that are amazing, but we take them for granted.

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Tricia smuggled her dad into Disney World

Every tourist destination wants their guests to have a happy experience, but few places do that as well as Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

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Alex secretly climbed the Great Pyramid

The Greek historian Herodotus wrote about seven great architectural structures. That list became known as the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

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Lex couldn’t stop bleeding

On a Friday afternoon in 2022, Lex was at home, just doing some routine work on her laptop. It seemed like just a normal day.

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Fabiana won The Price Is Right showcase

When it comes to television game shows, there are just a few that have been around for a very long time.

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