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Jill was kept in a basement

Content warning – this episode includes descriptions of sexual violence and domestic abuse. Listener discretion is advised.

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Tessi heard a tree fall

I live in a wonderful little town in Florida, called Safety Harbor. It’s in the Tampa Bay area. And one of the things that people love about this place is that there are lots of big, shady trees.

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Jessica’s kidnappers demanded $45 million

I find it so interesting that sometimes we can take what seems to be a really small action, but it ends up being something really big.

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Jami was a juror in a murder trial

Like a lot of people these days, I work from home. But many years ago, I had a more traditional job where I worked in an office building with other people. And there was a thing I liked to do that some of my co-workers thought was a bit odd.

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Garrett was held hostage at knifepoint

Deral Dean Ritter. Probably not a name you’ve heard before.

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Bill got a dreaded phone call

Sometimes, you see a phone call coming in and you just know that something bad has happened.

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