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Tricia smuggled her dad into Disney World

Every tourist destination wants their guests to have a happy experience, but few places do that as well as Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

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Raw Audio: three 911 stories

You’re listening to the What Was That Like podcast, but this is not a regular episode. This is a bonus Raw Audio episode.

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Alex secretly climbed the Great Pyramid

The Greek historian Herodotus wrote about seven great architectural structures. That list became known as the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

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Bonus – the James Bigby murders

This is Scott, and this podcast is What Was That Like. This is the show where I usually have a guest come on and talk about something they experienced, that was extremely unusual. Like crashing a skydive, or getting shot in a mass shooting, or finding a baby in the New York City subway, or… Comments closed

Lex couldn’t stop bleeding

On a Friday afternoon in 2022, Lex was at home, just doing some routine work on her laptop. It seemed like just a normal day.

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Jacqueline was attacked by dogs

It’s hard for me to imagine not loving dogs. But that’s the way some people are, and it’s usually pretty easy to spot someone like that.

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