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Barbie’s dog was stolen

As I walk or bike through my neighborhood, one of the saddest things I often see is a flyer stuck to a telephone pole or electric pole, telling about a lost dog.

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Andrew head-on crashed his snowmobile

I’ve lived in places where the winter is really cold. Personally, I can say I prefer to live here in Florida, where it’s usually relatively warm.

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Emily was a surrogate

We live in a pretty amazing time. Private citizens are going to outer space, cars are able to drive themselves to places without a human, all kinds of crazy things that our grandparents would never have imagined. I love hearing about the advances in science and technology.

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Tim lost friends on September 11

Most adults remember where they were on the morning of Tuesday, September 11, 2001.

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Victoria’s neighbors brought horrible news

I was watching a video online recently. I don’t remember where it was, probably in a subreddit. It was recorded on a security camera in some business. There’s no sound, but you can pretty much tell what’s going on.

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Jen was robbed at gunpoint

There’s something I find really fascinating, and that’s learning about the wildly different ways people react in a sudden emergency situation.

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