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What Was That Like episode transcripts e-book


Would you like to be able to read every conversation that has taken place on the What Was That Like podcast?

Every episode of What Was That Like has been transcribed, so that hearing-challenged people (or just those who prefer to read) can enjoy the content as well.

The e-book is a digital download (not a physical book), so you will be able to access it immediately upon purchase, even if you order at 3 am.

Your purchase of the Transcript E-Book helps to cover the expense  of having all the episodes transcribed (that whole project was done by humans in order to achieve higher accuracy).

The Transcript E-Book contains ALL past WWTL episodes, right up to and including the current episode.

Eventually the transcripts will be separated into volumes, by year, and purchased separately. But for this introductory offer, you can get ALL of the episode transcripts in a single E-Book.

Want to see a high-res picture of the cover? Click here.

Get your copy now for just $10 – click here.