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Want to promote your podcast to 40,000+ podcast listeners?

For my own show, I’ve found that one of the best ways to grow my audience is by advertising on other podcasts. Who better to tell about a podcast, than people who are literally already listening to a podcast?

Each episode of my show is a conversation with someone who has been through some type of extremely unusual situation – a plane crash, a mass shooting, a grizzly bear attack, etc. The guest comes on the show and tells the story of what happened, first hand. These are stories that grab the full attention of the listener. There are over 100 past episodes, and a new one comes out every other Friday.

The What Was That Like audience:

  • skews female
  • mostly based in the US
  • well-educated
  • loves a good story (especially true crime, but lots of other topics)

The DNA Today podcast was a recent advertiser on What Was That Like, and they liked their ad so much that they created this audiogram from it. This will give you an idea of what my ad reads sound like.

Contact me about doing some host-read advertising spots on What Was That Like to promote YOUR  show. Your new listeners are waiting to hear about your podcast!